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He drank coffee and she drank tea, but when he asked her what she wanted to drink she said coffee because in a way she’d thought he’d be pleased, but really she was just being foolish because people who truly like you, will like you for how you are, not for how you act to be. —Before you try to please others, make sure you’re pleased with your decision(s) first, don’t change yourself just because someone doesn’t like how you are. Believe it or not, if they’re not happy with how you are now, they never will be. (via she-lives-to-write)

Blood and Cum Stained Casting Couch: When We Laugh At The Dead Slut


October, 2013. 18-year-old Saaya Suzuki came home to her Tokyo apartment to find her ex-boyfriend hiding in her closet brandishing a knife. He plunged that knife into her stomach twice. When she crawled for the door he jumped on her and stabbed her in the neck, before fleeting…


"You’re a girl so act like one". Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my vagina came with a terms and conditions manual.

if u say i’m not black i’m______ you can honestly suck my ass. We don’t want you on our team weakling.


if you want to understand the psyche of our generation take a good look at the stories we tell ourselves about the future

because it isn’t flying cars or robot dogs, it’s faceless government surveillance and worldwide pandemics and militarized police brutality and the last dregs of humanity struggling to survive

our generation isn’t self-centered, or lazy, or whatever else they wanna say about us. we are young, and we are here, and we are deeply, deeply afraid.


Anyone who talks about teenage girls like they’re somehow exceptionally annoying and immature has either never met or actively ignores teenage boys and their shenanigans.

i like being complimented on my eyebrows and on my oral sex techniques 

when someone’s flaws are not flaws in your eyes, you’re fucked. —(via girlchoking)
Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego —(via nevahmind)


When gay people are assumed to be straight it’s heteronormativity. When bisexuals are assumed to be straight it’s “Straight passing privilege”

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